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Antplay is the first fully-featured, cloud-based, high-end Windows 10 computer. It is the only remote service that offers performance capable of competing with a local PC.

Your Antplay is powerful enough to run any Windows-based application, including web browsers, word processors, communication tools, design tools, games, and more.

We do not offer a free trial.

Depending on the demand, your access time may vary.

Antplay works with nearly any device that has an internet connection. At the moment, there are Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, apps available from Parsec. Please check out our requirements tab to know If Parsec would work with your device.

Depending on the app you will use, the device recommendations will change. Please check out our requirements tab by clicking here to know specifically what our requirements will be.

We recommend a minimum internet speed of 15 Mbit/s with any type of internet connection, including cable, DSL, fiber, and even mobile 4G LTE. Parsec automatically adapts to the available bandwidth, or you can manually select the bandwidth allocation through the Parsec app. For the optimal experience, we recommend using an ethernet connection or a 5GHz wi-fi network.

Yes. With Antplay, you are the security and anti-virus handler, exactly as you would be on a regular PC. That being said, as with any Windows 10 PC, your Antplay will have Windows Defender enabled and installed at startup. We strongly advise you to either keep this protection or change it, but always have an active antivirus. On the machine side, your Antplay is hosted in a Tier 4 datacenter. A dedicated team is permanently present on site, 24 hours a day. We also have effective protection systems against cyber-attacks (for example, firewalls against DDoS and other threats.

Yes, just like on a regular computer.