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Ant Play allows you remotely access a cloud-based high-end Windows 10 computer on any device you own be it a smartphone, desktop, or laptop to perform a single task or set of tasks efficiently with utmost precision.

Ant Play cloud PC is powerful enough and thus enables you to easily run any Windows-based application including word processors, web browsers, design & communication tools, and more.

The time to access a Cloud PC depends on your particular requirements and thus, it may vary accordingly.

Ant Play works with all devices such as a Smartphone, Desktop, Laptop, etc. but it should have a high-speed internet connection.

No. We are allocating you a cloud-based powerful workstation (PC) that matches your specific needs depending on the plan you have subscribed to. For lag or latency, we’ve developed the technology to be usable with low bandwidth and have unnoticeable lag/latency. Truly, compression can have an effect on image quality. If your internet connection is bad, anyone ( or we) can notice the difference. Therefore, make sure that you have high-speed internet.

Yes, when you are on Ant Play, you get a 1GB/s download speed irrespective of whether you have a good internet speed or not.

You’re the only one who can access the Cloud PC, know what is stored in it, and access account data. In addition, our systems monitor the server hardware component usage in order to control the temperature & energy consumption of the data center.

Yes, as you can delete the data on a regular PC or desktop computer. In a more radical way, you can also reset your disk in your customer account.

Yes. You are indeed the first and foremost anti-virus & security handler exactly as you would be on a regular computer. In addition, we have a dedicated team of professionals available on the site, 24 hours a day. Besides, we also have effective protection systems against cyber-attacks such as firewalls against DDoS & other threats. We indeed encrypt the data sent from your hardware to the machine you launch Ant Play. And, most importantly, Ant Play will have Windows Defender enabled & installed at startup. We highly recommend you to either keep this protection or change it, but make sure that you’ve an active antivirus.